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Visit Sassi of Matera

Duration: h 2:15
Difficulty: Simple

Recognized by Unesco as world heritage site in 1993, first site in the world defined cultural landscape. With a bursting soul, Matera is an extraordinary town that for sure will go over your expectations


Sassi, naturalism and baroque

Duration: h 3:20
Difficulty: Simple

It is one of the most comprehensive guided tour of Matera, that provides a more exhaustive knowledge of the city of “Sassi”

Museums of Matera

Regular tour: h 1:30
Long tour: h 2:30

How is conceived a painting? How can you date an art piece and recognize the artist’s hand? How can you unmask a fake? Which hidden messages might be held in a sacred canvas?

Trekking 1:
Murgia Timone

Duration: h 2:oo
Difficulty: Simple

The simplest among our open air tours outside the urban context.
Reaching the high plateau from the gorge, you’ll admire an astonishing panorama over the Sassi districts built on the other side of the canyon.

[SOSPESO] Trekking 2:
San Nicola all’Ofra and Cristo la Selva

Duration: h 4:00
Difficulty: Medium

L’itinerario parte dal versante della Murgia che si sviluppa verso Matera sud nei pressi del quartiere Agna.
Dopo un breve tragitto a piedi, si raggiunge il complesso rupestre di San Nicola all’Ofra.

Trekking 3:
Vergine della Loe and Sant’Eustachio

Duration: h 4:30
Difficulty: Medium

In the southern side of the Murgia park, 15 km away from Matera, where the vegetation gets more lush and authentic, there is a trekking route for nature and adventure lovers!


Duration: Half Day

A few kilometers from Matera, surrounded by green fields, Montescaglioso is a small hill top town which offers a splendid panorama over the gorges of the Murgia and the Bradano river valley.


Photografic Safari

Duration: h 6:00
Difficulty: Medium

Availing ourself of the precious contribution of those expert of the local nature, it will be possible to discover uncontaminated scenarious of the natural Park of Gallipoli Cognato and the Park of Murgia in Matera.