Trekking 1: Murgia Timone


h 2:00



The simplest among our open air tours outside the urban context.
Right in front of the Sassi area, on the opposite side of the gorge, you will walk along the ledge of the canyon or half way down in the gorge, admiring an astonishing panoramic sight over the city built on the other side of the cliff.
During this panoramic walk, you will enter some of the caves that have been utilyzed in the past centuries as shelters for the shepherds and their flocks, feeling remote sensations of an ancestral way of living. These paths have been beaten since the early stone age, and later on that’s where one of the most ancient settlement from Neolithic age was set. Still nowadays you cas see the traces of those prehistoric settlments, including a primitive burial. Some of the caves were utilized over the past centuries as rock hewn churches decorated with interesting frescoes of Byzantine culture.
Throughout the visit, will also be observed numerous aspects of the natural life of the area