Audioguide Rent

The use of radio guides is generally recommended for groups of 20 or more people. However in the current situation, given the ongoing COVID-19 EMERGENCY, the use of radio guides is recommended even for smaller or very small groups, to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Each member of the group is provided with a light and handy receiving device, duly sanitized, equipped with a single DISPOSABLE earphone (individually sealed).

The guide, on the other hand, wears the transmitting device with a microphone.

The advantages of using the radio guide kit are many:

  • In larger groups, even those further back can listen to the explanation, as if they were next to the guide
    The use of radio guides promotes physical distancing between participants, reducing the possibility of contagion from Coronavirus
  • On particularly crowded days, where there are several groups at the same time (for example near a panoramic view), and it is difficult to place yourself as a compact group, visitors equipped with audio equipment can stop where they find a place, still listening to their guide.
  • If someone stays behind temporarily, perhaps to take a photo, they would not lose contact with the guide and the group
  • The guide can announce every single move or change of direction, reducing the risk that some member of the group gets lost.
  • Last but not least, the use of radio guides is respectful towards other visitors to the city since the guide can speak discreetly to everyone without having to raise his voice and therefore without disturbing others. Without a doubt, the radio guide system is considerably better than the voice amplifier, or megaphone in perfect pot seller style!
  • Furthermore, it will be difficult for “abusive” tourists to follow your group and scrounge the explanation

We offer the rental service to anyone who requests it, even if they do not book the guided tour with Matera Tour Guide.


You can request a minimum of 20 units (or corresponding cost) ie: 20 x 2,50€ = 50€, so the price will be 50€ also for a rent of less than 20 units.

Discounts available for those who also book the guided tour service with MateraTourGuide