Trekking 3: Vergine della Loe and Sant'Eustachio


h 4:30



In the southern side of the Murgia park, 15 km away from Matera, where the vegetation gets more lush and authentic, there is a trekking route for nature and adventure lovers!

Approaching by car to the spot where the hike begins, the walk starts in the countryside amids wheat crops that alternate to mediterranean scrubs, then passing through a dense forest of oaks and wild olive trees the ravine appears in all its evocative aspect.

The landscape now will be caracterized by the presence of a few ravines in which are located several rock hewn churches, up to five that we could visit. Many of these cave complexes have been used over the centuries for agro-pastoral purposes and some are particularly evocative because partially in ruins, but still preserves on the walls, numerous traces of frescoes made centuries ago.

To get to some of those it is necessary to descend along staircases entirely carved into the rock, on a side of the gorge.

All along the tour will be possible to observe splendid specimens of birds (mostly predatory) and traces of wild animals such as wild boars, porcupines and snakes.

For this type of excursion an average physical prowess and certainly some spirit of adventure are required.

It is necessary to equip yourself with water, suitable clothing: shoes with non-slip soles, long trousers, a sun hat in summer, a backpack (it is preferable to avoid bags).