Duration: h 2:00 Difficulty: Simple

The simplest among the natural trips outside the urban context. Going to Murgia Timone it is possible to visit the Murgia plateau overlooking the Sassi,  enjoying a stunning panorama of the whole Sassi area which is on the other side of the canyon. On Murgia Timone, along the tracks beaten since the Neolithic, when the first form of prehistoric human settlements took place, we will visit the remains of a primitive burial, and some traces of ancient Neolithic village. Continuing along the path you will come across some typical rock-hewn churches like Madonna delle tre porte (of three doors), which is still decorated with interesting frescoes of Byzantine culture. Throughout the visit will be deepened also many aspects of the natural world, observing the plant species, typical of the Matera’s Murgia.

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N.B. This kind of tour doesn’t require special physical force. For that reason it is suitable for families, groups and schools.

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