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Here are official rates for the best authorized guides that you can contact directly, without commissions for intermediation.
Within each itinerary you will find the proper tour rate by clicking on the direct link.
Guides adhere to transparency and competitiveness principles, good for you to finalize an accurate choise between offers.


It follows a list with prices for a guided tour in the Sassi districts of Matera:
Prices are for english spoken tours
(Duration of tour: 2 hours)


entrance fees not included


1 person 50,00
2 people 60,00
3 people 75,00
4 people 80,00
5 people 85,00
6 people 90,00
7 people 95,00
8 people 100,00
9 people 105,00
10 people 110,00
For group travellers Please contact organizers