Duration: h 2:00 Difficulty: Simple

…Unesco world heritage since 1993, first site in Italy to be defined cultural landscape, Matera is all about this, an extraordinary city with a thousand facets, thousand colors and always surprising…

The guided tour is developed through a complex and unique location within the characteristic districts of Sassi.
Starting from the area called “the Piano” (flat) the last level of urban development on top of Sassi, we proceed along paths, alleys and stairs, where descending back over time, you can relive remote sensations.
An historical introduction to the city, analyzing the different historical stages of urban development of Matera, will let you understand and deepen the most significant aspects of living in the Sassi, in reference to those aspects that determined, over the centuries, the changing of socio-economic conditions of the territory with the gradual, slow and inexorable decline and abandonment of the Sassi area.
The route is punctuated by numerous stops in-depth, among which are included entrances to some points of interest such as rock churches, cave houses, water collection systems, cellars dug in caves, useful for understanding some aspects which determined the lifestyle in the Sassi.

At the end of the tour will be offered a free tasting of typical products from Basilicata.

N.B. Entrance fees are not included in the tour fare. Anyway there are solutions for all-inclusive fare. Agreements could be taken communicating the number of participants.
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