Tursi – The Rabatana

Duration: Full day Difficulty: Simple

Visit the old arab district downtown in Tursi, an ancient town with greek origin located in the inner part of Matera’s hills. The evocative landscape of the open country is melted togheter with the historical persistence of saracen and byzantine elements.
Around the 5th century AD, following the destruction of Anglona, it rose up on a hill top between the two rivers Agri and Sinni, the village now named Tursi. The coming of saracen incursions determined a progressive enlargement of that centre which took the name, than, of “Rabatana” from the arab word Rabhadì.
Traces of arab culture are present in some architecture elements.

This tour provides historical and artistic deepening, with some entrances to the main churches within the city, and also crypts, a castle and the sanctuary of Santa Maria d’Anglona; Only by booking will be possible to accedeto the convent of San Francesco d’Assisi.

It is possible to stay there for lunch, in one of the most typical restaurant of Tursi, tasting local food of the inner Basilicata.

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