Duration: h 4:30 Difficulty: Hard

On a slope of the gorge on the southern side of the Murgia, 15 km far from Matera where the vegetation becomes more lush and rich, there are trekking tracks dipped in nature, for adventure lovers.
Arriving by car near the sandstone quarry of Montescaglioso, we will walk through a thick oaks wood, with wild olive trees and Mediterranean scrub. There you can admire some specimens of birds (rapacious mainly) and traces of wild animals such as boars, porcupine and snakes. After descending through a small rocky ravine, we will visit many rupestrian crypts used in centuries as sheep-folds; then we will climb up the slope again along steep steps entirely carved into the rock, reaching the rock-church of Vergine della Loe (where we will have a break). Continuing along the plateau, then descending halfway into a secondary ravine steeper and more lush of vegetation, will reach the last leg of the tour which is the crypt of San Eustachio. The structure is particularly attractive because it is partly ruined. It keeps many traces of frescoes on the walls, made over the centuries in which the church was used. The route in its last part is interposed by large boulders fallen as a result of the collapses that have affected the area over the centuries. For this type of travel is required a medium strength and certainly some spirit of adventure. It is in any case very difficult to reach those places on your own.


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N.B.: For this itinerary there is a limitation of max 4 partecipants.
It is necessary to dress proper clothes: anti-slip shoes, long trousers, sun cap (in summer), small backpack (better to avoid bags).
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