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Our philosophy

Matera Tour Guide comes out from the partnership of two freelancers which fused their working experiences and their skills on cultural matters, gained from university-prep and during few years of activities, for new services in tourism industry.

Nowadays Matera Tour Guide is promoter of high quality tourism performed with competitiveness on the market, thanks to high professional standards and advantageous offers.

Our mission aims to consolidate quality in tourism, enhancing the knowledge on local cultural heritage, trying to show off what is still undiscovered by most in Basilicata. This is just this our starting point.
In fact tour guide activities are carried out as parallel activities next to survey and researches conducted in collaboration with the main culture institutions (such as University and Department of National Heritage and Cultural Activities). Often those studies led to publications of new emerged materials.
All the new knowledge acquired with studies, are disposed for final users through tourist fruition channel.

We stand out from other competitors tanks to new revisited itineraries in which emerge for the first time brand new aspects result of a close inspection conducted in a scientific way.

Complementarily, thanks to a deep knowledge of the territory and of the tourist operators, we provide tourist consulting in addition to the main services (such as guided tours, tour rip…) in order to find best solutions to your needs, for your staying in Matera and all over Basilicata.

Founder members of Matera Tour Guide are dott. Antonio Manicone and dott.ssa Eleonora Sansone, experts on cultural matters and high quality tourism.